Tuesday, October 6, 2009

River dolphin is India's national aquatic animal!

Union Govt has declared that river dolphin is national aquatic animal. This step has been taken to protect the endangered species. River Dolphins are endemic to Ganga. They also found in Brahmaputra (nearly 200), Chilika Lake. Chilika Lake dolphins are called Irravadi dolphins.

River dolphins are in endangered state. They diminish in number because they accidentally caught in fisher men net. Usually fishermen have soft corner for this lovable species.

Amazon river dolphins are famous one but they belongs to least concerned category.

In a survey Dolphins are the most preferred animal in the World. Note that dolphin has beaten even dog,cat !.

Union govt has taken the right decision to save river dolphins from extinction.


Unknown said...

wow man lot of info... actually basically I knew nothing about this... not a animal lover.....I am now beginning to wonder how my Siva got all these knowledge from

Haripandi Rengasamy said...

Thanks malini :)