Monday, October 5, 2009


One more topic that i have discussed(or thought or read) about a lot with my friends ;) . But the one that i can not give up to think about is BRIC. But today with new news, now a days BRIC(Brazil,Russia,India and China) country representatives meet frequently and also they decided to meet regularly. That has to be encouraged. On Saturday they discussed about challenges facing World Bank and IMF.

World sees that developing countries can rescue the world from the current financial crisis. Esp it has lot of hope on India and China. So the meetings among BRIC nations is significant one.

I think BRIC won't grow to be like NATO. That is co-operation among military level. And that is not it's goal also. BRIC is for economical purpose. Even though it won't become like NATO, it would be better if BRIC emerges like ASEAN, with their own Financial Corporation and much more treaties among them to help each other in crisis times.

I like to see, strong presence of BRIC in the World. And also this is the right time (world financial crisis time) for them to show their economical strength.

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