Monday, October 5, 2009

Pak - China Nuke deal

When India signed nuke deal with U.S, Pakistan also sought same kind of deal with U.S. But U.S refused to sign any such deal with Pak by indicating Pak's past progress report(A.Q Khan!). So, now Pak tries to sign same kind of deal with China.

But now it seems that, that deal can not get U.S support. Recently an interview to the DAWN news agency Robert Blake, the new US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs not only rejected that Nuclear deal with Pakistan as the one it (U.S) had signed with India, but also said that Pakistan could not sign a bilateral deal with other countries as well.

He insisted that What it(U.S) had signed(nuclear agreement) with India was not a bilateral deal. bcz it went
through IAEA and NSG. So, it was not a bilateral agreement. It was a multilateral understanding. So even if Pak signs same kind of deal with some other country(here China),that won't be a bilateral agreement. That also needs to get support from IAEA and NSG.

When asked whether U.S will help Pak to produce nuclear energy, he insisted that,that will be an expensive one.

So,at present Pak can not sign any nuclear deal, like the one India had signed with U.S, with any other country.

so here point is, Past progress report is very important!

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Unknown said...

Ha ha ha !!!! That was a nice one..... I liked the last line the most.... It just reminds me of my colleague days where I used to sign all my progress reports and when I get caught I used to say all kinds of crap stories to escape..............