Thursday, October 15, 2009

India's relationship with S.America

Yesterday India inks nuclear pact with Argentina. This is the seventh country India to do so after United States, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Namibia and Mongolia. This is the right move and right time to be close with resourceful S.America. We need many more such nuclear deals to cope up with our energy needs. That is very important for our economic growth. To be close with S.America also very important. Because that is very resourceful continent.

Ecuador and Venezuela are in OPEC. But how much India will be close with Venezuela is an important question. Because that (closeness) may anger U.S (Note that once Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez called Bush is a devil in UN!). Brazil is an another resourceful country in that continent. India and Brazil are part of BRIC. Thats why i keep on insisting that BRIC is very important. That has to grow like ASEAN,SCO.

In future Brazil may become a major oil producer and exporter as it had made major oil discoveries. Significant amount of the Brazil energy needs are satisfied by renewable energies and ethanol. Brazil is a leading country in the world using ethanol as an energy. In future we have to adopt for Bio-Energy like ethanol. Then only we can satisfy our surging energy needs.

Let our neighboring big friend to say like "(India) befriend the far and attack the near", but we need more friends culturally,economically and politically including friendly relationship with our neighboring big brother.

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